Awarding Body
NCC Education


Delivery Method
Face-to-face classes attended at an Accredited Partner Centre

Full-time: 1 year
Part-time: 2-3 years

6 Units
Each unit is worth 20 credits

Registration Dates
Registration throughout the year

Total Qualification Time
1,200 hours

What’s Next?

Successful Pre-Master’s in Business graduates can progress directly onto the following master’s degree programmes with the below universities:

1. University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)

UWE Bristol has invested in a brand new £55 million Business School with excellent state-of-the-art facilities.

2. Bangor University

Bangor University is ranked in the top 20 for Teaching quality by The Times Good University Guide 2020.

3. University for the Creative Arts (UCA)

The Business School for the Creative Industries at University for the Creative Arts is the first of its kind in the UK, combining business-related programmes with the creative arts.

4. Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope University is ranked in the top 50 by The Times Good University Guide 2020.

Pre-Master’s in Business (PMB)

NCC Education’s Pre-Master’s in Business is designed to enable candidates to efficiently bridge the gap between their existing qualifications and a Master’s qualification. Pre-Masters programmes are designed to prepare international students fully for studying at postgraduate level and deliver high-quality students. It allows candidates to upgrade their English language ability to a level suitable for Master’s entrance, while also being introduced to studying a range of business-related subjects through the medium of English. The programme aims to raise the academic and English Language skills of the learner whilst preparing them for a variety of Master’s related subjects through choosing a choice of elective units, supporting the appropriate subject choice.

On successful completion of the qualification students will be able to progress directly on to a Master’s degree programme with a university.   

Progression routes can be found on our University Progression page. 

For entry onto the NCC Education Pre-Master’s in Business (PMB) qualification students must have at least one of the following: 

  • A non-honours degree  


  • Chinese Da Zhuan (or equivalent)  

Students must also meet the English language entry requirements of: 

An IELTS score of 4.5 or above is required for students who do not hold a degree-level qualification wholly taught and examined in English. 

To complete the qualification a student must study and pass six units. 

The qualification consists of four core units: 

  • Developing English Language Skills – This module helps students to develop English language skills to be able to communicate effectively beyond simple everyday contexts. It aims to improve one’s reading, writing, listening and speaking and enables student to acquire a broad range of knowledge which can be used to confidently and effectively communicate in English. It guides students through Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels of English language study. 
  • Advanced English Language Skills – This module enables a student to put into practice the language acquired and develop this into an advanced user of English. Students will make extensive use of the four skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing, as well as extending the knowledge of complex grammar and advanced vocabulary. 
  • English for Academic Purposes – This module helps students to develop the understanding and use of key linguistic skills where necessary to engage effectively in an academic environment. 
  • Study and Communication Skills – This module equips students with the essential study skills needed to succeed at university level. Students will learn the basic skills necessary to conduct independent research, write academic papers, give formal oral presentations and apply what has been taught during lectures to your studies. 

A further two units must be taken from a choice of six electives: 

  • Information Systems and Knowledge Management – Students will develop a critical understanding of the strategic roles of information and knowledge management systems in contemporary organisations together with a critical appreciation of tools, implementation approaches and appraisal methods that contribute to their successful use.
  • International Marketing Strategy –Students will develop a critical understanding of international marketing strategy in the context of global operations. Students will learn to effectively satisfy the strategic objectives of organisations in domestic markets and across national borders. 
  • Leadership, People and Change – Students will develop a keen understanding of the modern complexities of and new thinking about how to lead successful organisations in the turmoil of today’s business environment. 
  • Digital Marketing and Communications – Students will develop a critical understanding of the impact of digital transformation on the formation of an organisation’s marketing strategy and communications in order to effectively implement powerful digital marketing campaigns that engage and convert the contemporary customer.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Students will understand that entrepreneurship is a key area of businesses.  It applies to small sole traders and large corporations.  The link with innovation is symbiotic and the focus of this unit on both areas highlights how enterprises grow and the benefits and risks to innovation. 
  • Project Management – Students will be introduced to the discipline and profession of project management and learn transferable skills that help them succeed in a project environment. 

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